OCT 2009


Our online store has been growing in quantity and quality right out of the gates. Your feedback has been instrumental in developing a library of vector art that reflects your needs and challenging budgets. We’re listening to you and we’re growing to provide an alternative to the big stock houses. Every dime that you invest in VECTORVAULT goes right back into the brand. Your purchases and recommendations are the lifeblood of this project. In case you have not yet, please visit the VECTORVAULT : STORE for some FREE SAMPLES and check out some of our NEW PRODUCTS:

Final Word

It’s not easy pouring your heart and soul into a project like VECTORVAULT. I’m not going to lie. There are times when I have been tempted to hang my pen tool up for good. But lucky for me I have this incredible group that keeps me going. It’s not only the artists who continue to inspire me, it’s the lovers of vector art itself. People like you.

That’s why I continue to offer 1 FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD EVERY DAY. It’s my way of saying thanks for visiting. Bookmark it and visit often. I’ll try to keep them interesting.

By visiting frequently, entering comments, socializing and purchasing products, you are having an effect on something. What started as a one man show has evolved into an organic love letter to a movement in digital art. You are part of that, and I want you to know that it means something. Respect.


Like it or not - Autumn is finally upon us, and with the changing of the seasons comes a new wave of creative expression from the world of vector art. Thanks for all of your comments and social bookmarking. It has certainly pushed us in the right direction. Here are some inspiring examples that we hope you enjoy, beginning with “Sita Sings the Blues” (right) a magical animated adventure that blends Indian folklore with stunning vector texture. Limkis (above) is also a community favourite. One look at her freestyle vector brush work and you will know why. Enjoy:

Transparent Characters

Eric Feng is not satisfied with just creating beautiful beings. He also needs to see what makes them tick - literally. His elegant illustrations are devoid of any meaningful colour. Instead, he allows various stroke weights to outline the true soul of each. It’s like looking at a jellyfish. It’s beautiful and honest, but at the same time you are well aware of just how deadly it is. Eric’s work is deadly. Period.

British Video Game Invasion

The Fab Four have done it again. Whether you are a Beatle-maniac, a gamer or just someone who adores great animation - this is a must see. To promote the release of The Beatles Rock Band video game, the opening animation was leaked to generate some buzz. This is more than your typical Japanese anime video game trailer. The team responsible for this one really swung for the bleachers with a style that I am sure the famous mop-toppers themselves would approve of. It’s like watching their entire career float by in under 2 minutes.

FREE stuff

One thing that I’m sure you know by now is that we rotate one FREE vector graphic every day on our home page. Why? Because we love you that’s why. And just to prove it, we’re getting down on one knee again with this shiny 14 karat vector that you won’t want to miss out on. We’ve got our sights set on your bookmarks bar and we’re not taking no for an answer. Now that’s love.

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