MARCH 2012


Hello again my vector-loving friend.
Long time no squeek

Now, don’t be mad. I know been a little bit since the last time we spoke. I just wanted to pop in and out and say Hello from all of us down at Vectorvault. Thanks to you, we have been on the good foot. Making friends and discovering what we have known all along:

Underneath this network of stock images, tight timelines and “Rabbits to be pulled out of hats”, there is a community.

You’re part of it. By reading this, a big part of it from where I stand. Every time you “
Like” or “tweet” something you enjoy here, you are putting the control back into the hands of the designer.

Some of the most creative people in the world today work in vector art. They blend Mathematics, Colour, Geometry and Poetry.
This is no easy task. They deserve recognition. Says who?...


Ready or Not, Here we come!

Says we.
That’s who.


Discovering new vector artists everyday has been a real joy.
I love vector art.
In a strange way, it loves me back.

There is a need for change
in the world of design.

Doing the impossible is now expected of us all. And believe me when I say this:
time is not your friend.

You need to adopt time-saving practices and products to stay ahead of it all.

I was introduced to vector art in the early stages of my career. Right from the beginning, vectors saved me time. The more I learned about them, the faster I got. They work.

I needed a way to capture my passion for it. A place to invest my own vector expertise:


Everyday, I wake up with the same task:

Discover the work of a talented vector artist.
Then tell the world about it.

So far, I’ve done that over 960 times over 7 years of my life. I’ll tell you, it feels important to me. Not a waste of time or a guilty pleasure. But something that has a purpose.

In a world filled with art critics. Vectorvault has allowed me to go in the other direction:
To be an embassador of vector art. We celebrate the best that we can find.

RasTa at the ROM

An education indeed.

A special thanks to Tyson.
I am very proud of the work that we did together.
A scholar and a gentleman.
One Love.

Help us shape it. Make it better.

You want
faster searches

You want
targeted selections

You want


We also know that success is not achieved by talent alone. Billing is easy. Harvesting that revenue and keeping clean books is the name of the game.

It’s not checkers. It’s chess.


I’ve met some people recently. Individuals who understand what we are trying to do here. People like you.

You have the means, intelligence, talent, connections and strategy to really set this thing off the chain.

You also hold the key to unlocking my creativity with this blossoming brand.

So what you gonna to do?

Help take VECTORVAULT to the next level.

Vector art is the future of design. As we move into a mobile age where files sizes need to be smaller and more efficient, vector art is the answer. We stand in the eye of this delicious hurricane. Reaching in for inspiring examples to share with you.

The talented vector artists who work with this file format are some of the most creative people you will ever encounter. See for yourself.

Thanks for sticking with us. It tells us that our instincts were correct all along.
are others out there who love vector art as much as we do.
We promise to keep
bringing you the goods. You just keep close. Adam.

Your Imagination is the Combination