JULY 2012


Greetings from your friends at VECTORVAULT,

We hope that everything is going well in your world (wherever that may be). Here at Vectorvault headquarters, we’ve been hard at work rounding up some excellent examples of digital creativity to inspire you. This Summer has started off hotter than ever. We have tried our best to keep up with it.

Take a moment to roll through some of the highlights below, and let us know which ones move you. As always, we try our very best to find unique examples that push the vector art form to new heights. In turn, we hope that they move you to do the same with whatever you do.



Take a dip into these cool vector selections


We’ve added more of what you’re looking for. Using our learnings from search queries, feedback and  market research, our database has adapted. Search through a diverse range of style and subject matter until you find the royalty-free vector image that suits your needs. Here are a few examples that you can sink your mouse into:

Final Word

This has been a challenging year. But the thing that has keep Vectorvault moving is the inspiring work that continues to pour in from around the world. It’s true, we’re not the biggest resource for vector stock art. Then again, we never set out to be. We are on a mission to round up the best vector art in the world.

We continue to serve as is an inspiration resource for the ones who push their mice in the right directions. People like you. If you are reading this, then we have already achieved a major milestone. And if you’ve come this far with us, we hope that you will continue to watch us grow.

Why do we do it? We do it for people like you. And as long as you keep coming back for more, we will keep serving up inspiration to keep you going.