JAN 2013



2012 was an “interesting year” to say the least. Some strong lessons were learned and some incredible projects came to fruition. But the most rewarding aspect of this closing year, was observing, reporting and celebrating some incredible vector art from around the world.

That’s our mission. But it is also our reward. And so as
2013 slowly rolls in, we wanted to wish you the very best. Your dedication and friendship has really helped us to pick up steam and has provided us with the motivation to keep at it. Thanks.

Re-live some outstanding vector content from 2012:


A look back on Vector Art in 2012

2012 was :


2012 was no “Walk in the park”

For many of us, “the Hustle” relies on instinct and action. It’s how you stay ahead in a challenging economy. I don’t have to tell you that. You live it.

At Vectorvault, we know that cost effective solutions and technique are key. You have already seen the lengths we will go to round up those tools for you so that you can get the edge.

We are watching the “Good Ones”. Those vector artists, illustrators, animators and designers who keep this medium moving forward.

2013 is your year - That’s our resolution to you.

We Worked With Great People in 2012

Vectorvault was blessed with some terrific projects with terrific people behind them.

2013 is going to “Kick” - Here’s why:

Vectorvault is “Rounding Third” on some incredible initiatives that are going to change the game.

With your help, we intend to shape this boutique design brand into a celebration of best practices and a direct pipeline to the tools that save you time and money.

There are some smart cookies here who stay up way too late thinking about ways to give you the upper hand.

Don’t worry, We have your back this year.

We remember those who gave a hand in 2012

Niagara College and Nolan Interactive certainly played a role. Together they built a solid engine to run Vectorvault on. We’re racing it around the track until we get it just right for you.

Just by reading this and clicking on a few images that catch your eye, your presence is felt. Every time you share something, we react. We pay attention. Don’t let that stop in 2013.

Final Word

We certainly covered allot of ground in 2012. Much of that is thanks to people like you who pointed us in the right direction.

As this new year rolls in, try to tune out all of the bad news about the economy. Put your focus on weathering it with sights on conquering it. We plan on staying close by to give you the support to do just that.

Cross our vector hearts.
2013 - Go get ‘em.